What is Ride-Retro?
The inspiration for ‘Ride - Retro’ is derived from an interest towards our British heritage, bygone attire and machinery.  Ride - Retro has been simmering away for quite a few years until I found a cause and the support to get the idea off the ground.

BACKFIRE Events have for several years created motorcycle socials accompanied by vintage vehicles including a steam roller. The interest and following towards our events have increased over time enabling us to have the confidence to finally bring a ride to fruition.

We are very fortunate to have in the City of York, possibly the greatest historical and iconic jewel in the Northern hemisphere, the wonderful York Minster. This is a very special place for many reasons, but the fact Rome's Emperor Constantine recognised  civil liberties for Christians during his time in this vicinity, is of vital importance for tolerance especially when there appears so much unrest in the world today.

Embellishing the Minster is the wonderful ten- and three-quarter ton Great Peter Bell. This impressive heavy piece of audible engineering is housed within the North/West tower and chimes on the hour.

Ride - Retro will visit York Minsters South Piazza around 11am, where we will be supported by the remaining York Normandy Veterans and volunteers for the Prostate Cancer UK charity. Robert Walker will be on site to engage our biker folk and York’s tourists and visitors with a Prostate Cancer UK presence.

Co-hosting the ride are members of the York Inset Scooter Club, who support the remaining York Normandy Veterans. Many thanks to Nick Beilby and Richard Smith for joining with us to create this special event and arranging for the Veterans to attend.

Nick Beilby will offer a presentation to our assembly and York visitors alike shortly after the twelve strikes of Great Peter at noon. The Ride will depart from the South Piazza around twelve thirty and head away on a scenic route to join B - FEST at The Old Railway Station in Stamford Bridge.

There are strictly NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY.

Those wishing to take part in Ride - Retro please note NUMBERS ARE LIMITED.

To secure your ride please contact  paul.backfire@outlook.com

Kindest regards,