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Race the Waves 2021


Race the Waves update 2021 update

A huge thank you from all the team at Backfire Promotions for your continued and valued support towards Race the Waves 2020/1 at Bridlington.  As you can imagine we have been given the unenviable task of picking our way through a greater minefield of event management whilst under COVID-19 restrictions and we appreciate your patience.  We are unable to run Race the Waves in May and despite discussion with East Riding Council a suitable fallback date cannot be found due to the ongoing uncertainty over restrictions throughout the summer.  We greatly value the support of The East Riding of Yorkshire Council and their difficult role of Public Health responsibilities for our Yorkshire Coastal visitors.

The good news is that we are already discussing dates for Race the Waves 2022 and all paid entries for 2020/1 will be carried forward to May 2022. 

Race the Waves is not a commercial venture and is operated on a not for profit basis by enthusiastic and willing volunteers of racing & mechanical persuasions. As volunteers we are all extremely disappointed and down but certainly not out!!! 

BACKFIRE Promotions & The Oily Tykes Society Marshals offer our very Best Wishes for a safe passage to all through the current challenges of Covid-19 and we look forward to welcoming you all to Bridlington in May 2022.

Kindest regards,

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