Backfire Promotions is a small group of enthusiasts lead by the enigmatic Paul Garbutt

Backfire Promotions creates events around anything to do with noise, bikes, cars, transport, vintage vehicles
We have created unique events with an ethos only enthusiasts can achieve

The Oily Tykes Society Racing Club was formed to marshal events for BACKFIRE Feel the Noise.

“The BACKFIRE Team is the greatest bunch of misfits life could ever have thrown together. Individuals most definitely but gentlemanly in their approach with an unbelievable desire to assist with the creation of something spectacular. Each person brings with them a unique talent and undefinable sense of humour which is so refreshing to work with. We are all volunteers and slaves to the cause presented.”

Paul Garbutt;   Master of Ceremonies and Top-hat at Backfire Events.

Paul is the ‘gofer’ at everything BACKFIRE Feel the Noise. BACKFIRE events were conceived and trade-marked following Pauls involvement in the 2016 Hornsea Bike Event, where he was asked to create the motorcycle show element for their second event.

The priority for the success of any event relies on the quality of the communications to engage both the desired event team and audience alike.
Paul has run his own motorcycle & garden machinery business for nearly four decades, where he has seen many changes but customer service and engagement is paramount, the same ethos he applies to the creating of his motorcycle social events too.
Pauls latest social creation is the unique in the UK and the immensely successful, BACKFIRE ‘Race the Waves’ beach event in Bridlington 2018. We also made motoring history by hosting the first ever motoring event on Bridlington south beach.

Stu Coupland;   Event Organiser and Chief Scrutineer.

Stu is a keen motorcyclist (Along with his Mrs) and runs SRCoupland Motorcycle Recovery & Transport, a York based company offering a bespoke service for all types of motorcycle. He is a mechanic and HGV Instructor by trade, ex REME, and has a range of interests including Land Rovers, railways and anything with an engine. Having restored a couple of old motorbikes, and a ‘fix anything’ attitude, Stu and his recovery van have become a regular sight supporting BACKFIRE events.

Mike Benton-Rose;   Event Organiser, Event Marshal and Race Co-ordinator.

Mike is a retired Telecomms engineer of 42 years service at GPO/ BT/ Openreach. Did a year learning the dark art of ‘Hometune’ mobile engine tuning clever stuff in the days before motor electronics!!! Been a bit of a petrolhead as long as he can remember (thats not long!!). a keen follower and occasional participant in the early days of grass tracking, drag racing around York. also sports car racing at Rufforth airfield, real grass roots stuff late 60’s and through 70’s. Biased now towards motorcycles as they can be lifted on a table, once on the floor under a car or van he takes much longer to get up now! Looking forward to building or cobbling together something for his young grandson, too young for this year though!

Neil Bagley;   Admin, Backfire Promotions Project Manager, Chief Race Marshal.

Neil is a committed motorcyclist who spends many weekends marshalling modern and classic cars and bikes across the UK. He is a member of the Triumph Yorvik owners club and Beermonsters MCC. Having retired twice he is now putting his unique talents to make Race the Waves the best retro sand event in the world.